If you have moving parts that suffer from fatigue and failure... We need to talk.

Surface Stress Technologies 

If testing parts can cost in the millions, from destructive testing methods... We need to talk.




The SST approach

The revolutionary process and equipment developed by SST is the first non – invasive metallurgical analysis method available in the market today.  This approach involves testing the parts using high frequency eddy current to relate conductivity to stress, by attribute and a known standard.  A highly sensitive probe is used on the surface of the material, to measure changes in the conductivity that have occurred due to manufacturing process.  If no change is detected between the standard and the processed part, the part has been correctly processed.

  •    This new technology is superior to conventional means in the following ways:
  •    The test piece is not degraded or destroyed, so it does not have to be sacrificed for        testing.
  •    The part can be retested for unusual stress at any point once it’s been in service.
  •    The procedure takes seconds to minutes rather than up to eight hours per tested        part by traditional methods, hastening production time considerably.  One sweep        can take less than a minute with five sweeps complete a test cycle.
  •    The accuracy rate is greater than 98% as opposed to 90% via conventional testing         means.
  •    The cost of SST approach is as little as $ 5.00 or $ 6.00 per test compared to the          existing estimated cost of $ 2,000.00 per test part or higher, if a million dollar part      is destroyed in the test.
  •    Since every metal part can be tested, rather than just a sampling, the risk of the          post – production failure and the added expense of product recalls are dramatically    reduced.
  •    Recertification of the equipment after a failure can be expedited by retesting of all      parts and comparison testing of parts to the known standard.